load method issue

scheduler.load method calls php file and i think its risky cuz javascript is visible on client side client can call other files directly if the know the path of php files how to solve this ?

any comments on security issue ?

any other way to load data ?

You can call any php file from client side without javascript ( there are tools and plugins to do that ). So the data loading is not introduce any new security problems.

If the content, returned by the php script, must be private. You need to have a user validation ( session or cookie check ) in first line of php script, before data output.

please give me details idea about how to do it in scheduler. load method takes url as parameter so how can i load events without passing url of php file

You can embed data directly in the page and use scheduler.parse instead of scheduler.load

<textarea id="data"><?php echo $xml_data ?></textarea> ... scheduler.parse( document.getElementById("data").value ,"xml");

thank u it solved the load problem but now new issue occurred

var dp = new dataProcessor("lib/data/events.data.class.php"); dp.init(scheduler);

what abt this 2 methods

You can’t save data without having some dedicated data saving handler.
So here an url must be exposed.