Load more data in dhtmlxGrid.

“dhtmlxGrid” used in my web application to show record in grid.

First of all i want to load 100 record per page.
if i load 100 record at a time then page take more time to load and rendered, in-spite of load 100 record at a time split that load mechanism in to two part ,first load 20 record in grid and grid internally send second request for 80 record.

mygrid.enablePaging(true, 100, 20, ‘divItemPageFooter’, true, ‘divItemPageHeader’);

this will shows footer and header in grid like , Results 1-100 of 10402

In my case load 20 record from database file and another 80 record from xml file, it will set total record in page header when database call time,
like Results 1-100 of color=#FF0000]10802

after 20 record load from database now time to load another 80 record from xml file when it loads 80 record in grid it will show wrong total record count
like Results 1-100 of 10482

it should shows Results 1-100 of 10802
so need help how to solve this total count problem?


Unfortunately your issue cannot be reproduced locally.
Please, provide with any kind of sample of your code or with a demo link, where the issue can be reproduced locally.