Load scheduler from JSON in java!!

there is a way to load a scheduler from data JSON,
without save it in session hibernate?
I’ll try in java to set
DHXPlanner planner;
planner.load(“event.jsp”, DataFormat.JSON);
I’ll print there are events, but they are not render on scheduler.

Above must work. Please be sure that event.jsp returns only json data and that is json in format that can be parsed by the scheduler.

If it somehow still doesn’t work, please provide the example of events.jsp response.

this is my json.
[{“end_date”:“07/21/2015 12:10”,“cliente”:"",“id”:1,“text”:“Newevent”,“duratatot”:“0”,“start_date”:“01/23/2013 03:15”},{“end_date”:“01/23/2013 03:15”,“cliente”:"",“id”:2,“text”:“Newevent”,“duratatot”":“0”,“start_date”:“01/23/2013 03:15”},


your json seems to be malformed:
{“end_date”:“01/23/2013 03:15”,“cliente”:"",“id”:2,“text”:“Newevent”,"duratatot"":“0”,“start_date”:“01/23/2013 03:15”}
Note double quites after duratatot