Load Time

Is there a way that when the calendar is loaded that it has the current time at the top of the view window. For example, set the first_hour = 0; That puts the first time shown as 12:00am. If I set this for say 7 it starts the display at 7:00am but everything between 12:00am and 7:00am is gone. I need to display all the times of the day but would like to have the current time either highlighted or have the window scrolled down so the current time of the page loading to be where the first hour is. I hope I explained that correctly.

it can be done with the custom code, you’ll need to change scroll position of div.dhx_cal_data after scheduler is initialized.
Scroll position can be calculated as (scheduler hour size) * (current hour)scheduler.init(....); var scrollTop = scheduler.config.hour_size_px * (new Date().getHours()); scheduler._rendered_location.scrollTop = scrollTop;

Also, you can try

scheduler.config.scroll_hour = 12; //define hour which will be initially visible


scheduler.config.mark_now = true; //will mark current time