Load URL in layout from tree node

I have a tree successfully being generated dynamically using the Coldfusion connector and a MySQL database.

I want to carry a URL field in the database to the tree node and fire an attatchURL (loading the URL to the “b” element of a layout) after onClick as below:

var url = this.getUserData(id,“url”);

I have been unsuccessful in finding details in the API, forum, or CF connector samples. Is there a method of accomplishing this? What is the syntax to carry the URL in the connector file and/or the html page?

Thank you.

For the benefit of any CF/DHTMLX users here is the solution to the problem:

On the HTML side:


Where “theurl” of course refers to the database column holding the url.

on the CFM connector page one must add:

<cfset tree.event.attach(“beforeRender”,custom_format)>

Then the <cfset tree.render_sql …> or the <cfset tree.render_table …>

Unfortunately your question is not clear. Doesn’t your code work for you?

Sorry Olga - my 2nd post wasn’t clear that it was the solution. I have amended it …