Load url is not working, when url is from another site

load url not working in following scenario
mygrid.load(“/myAplication /temp/haiTest.xml”);//its working
so now i copied my haiTest.xml file to dummyPortal/haiTest.xml into another site
now i am calling like
mygrid.loadXML(“http://somsite:8001/dummyPortal/haiTest.xml”);// its not working

any idea…??


due cross-domain security, it is impossible to load content from another domain.

thank you …

its working now even with cross domain , i have changed some settings IE browser
see this
options->security ->custom level - >Miscellaneous -> Access data sources across domains -> enable

but now i am facing some other issue like , that remote file has 245 columns and 5000 rows
so the now the problem is smart rendering is not working . its loading all records on first call itself.
even after smart rendering enabled. i saw DHMLX Grid example which is capable of processing 50000 records, its possible because we are preparing .xml file on fly. based on url parameters like startPos, total count.

   but my case is different ..i have static file on differnt domain , its taking 10min to process to load the grid.  if its on my local machine it works fine. so any how solve this issue.??


Hussain Peera.

Smart Rendering is row-based. Therefore, we do not recommend to set a lot of columns in grid.

To improve performance you may:

  1. reduce number of columns at least in the double
  2. use dynamic Smart Rendering

However, 10 minutes is too long. Possibly the internet connection is very slow and this case the problem can not be solved by grid means.