Load vertical grid with record from database table


I have a have a 2 column, multi-row grid (like a key-value pair grid). The first column is hard coded with the names of fields that are in a table. The second column should populate from the values of the fields in the table from a selected record.

When I select a record from the table, it can populate the grid if it is horizontal (field 1, field 2, field 3, etc). But my table listing would be Column 2, row1 = field1, column2, row2 = field2, etc)

Any elegant ways to select a record but populate a vertical grid?

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately I don’t see any simple solution. You will need to write a custom code that transforms the single row data from the database in the multi-row json or xml structure, that can be used by the grid.

You better skin connector at all, and use a fully custom backend code.