load xml error on single quote

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It seems if i load the data from xml file all seem to work fine, but when i use .php file to load the same data from the database i get the load xml error upon entering the single quote.

i’ll post my php file that generated the xml file.


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please find attached the php file.
loadComboKlant.php.zip (565 Bytes)

There is an white-space before <?xml declaration in your file. That can cause an issue in FF.

Also you can try to use CDATA to set option text:


To check that your server-side script generates correct xml - just point your browser to it. If all is done correctly, the browser will show correct xml.

Even if use the CDATA i still get the loadxml error. any other suggestions?

Please, check that encoding of the xml, database and page are the same.

If the issue with xml loading still occurs, please provide a direct link to the problematic page (you can also send this information to support@dhtmlx.com)


I think there seems to be an issue with the whitespace in the first line as you mentioned. But any idea how to remove that whitespace would be nice?

  <?xml declaration




Just remove it in your server-side script that you provided before. There was a whitespase in the begging - before <?php …