Load y_unit in timeline from database

Hi guys, Im traying to load the y_unit in timeline with JSON format. Is it possible?? Or another dynamical way to load from database.

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yes, its possible. Please check this post for some details

If this is plain list you can use ServerList technique
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … s_fetching

In above doc it used to define list of options for select, but similar approach can be used to define and load from server side any collection.

If this is tree-like hierarchy - there is no built in solution to load such structure. ( custom ajax call probably will work )


I’m also trying to load y_unit dynamically in a tree-like hierarchy.
Did you find a way to do this with Ajax ?

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There is no built in loading for the hierarchical structure
But you can use any kind of custom json solution, to fetch the data and later load new json-configuration for the timeline view, like this


Thank you Stanislav, I’ll work on that

I tried alot on loading database content on tree structure of scheduler timeline…,but i fed up :cry: …,pls help me :question:

I’m ttyin to do the same thing, i’m thinking about creating a method to get the tree structure, if i achieve it, i’ll tell you :smiley: