Loading a tree from HTML


Okay so I’m not sure if I’m understanding the creation of a tree from HTML correctly or not.

In a nutshell, I’ve created an unsorted list in HTML that I think I can display in a tree format? I’ve been reading the demo here:

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxT … _html.html

And this is where the confusion comes in. I know by calling mytree.loadXML(file.xml) I can pass in an XML file and life is good. But how do I load my HTML list I’ve created and turn it into a tree? I also see the:
var myHTML = dhtmlXTreeFromHTML(id);

line being referenced, and I’m assuming it will store my HTML list in the ‘myHTML’ variable, but how do I then get it into the tree? I feel like I’m missing a step. There should be a mytree.loadHTML or something like that.


Could you provide us an HTML file with your tree?
We will inspect it to help you


I’ve tried to attach a file that contains the html I created through code but keep getting messages that ‘extension .txt is not allowed’. Oh well, regardless all I did though was build an unsorted list through code and stored it in a variable called ‘myhtml’. I’d now like to have that displayed in a window in a tree format (hopefully). My code looks something like this:

myhtml = “

  • Office facing
  • Furniture installation
  • Interior office

var dhxWins, w1, myTree;
dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();
w1 = dhxWins.createWindow(“pred”, 20, 30, 400, 280);
w1.setText(" My Tree");
myTree = w1.attachTree();
//myTree.loadXML("…/js/tree.xml"); //And this is where I’m not sure how to get myHtml into a tree format.

That’s pretty much it, like I said I feel like I’m missing a step here and am making this tougher than it looks. I still need to figure out child nodes, etc so that I can expand and collapse the tree, but getting it to display is the first step :slight_smile:


Forum allows to attach pictures and archives. You can zip your txt file to provide it


ok. text file has been zipped and attached.
test.zip (185 Bytes)


This is only one line in the txt:

"<ul><li>Office facing</li><li>Furniture installation</li><li>Interior office</li></ul>"

I meant the whole html page


Ahh my apologies. Attached the entire html file.
Procedure_Scheduler.zip (4.78 KB)


Cleared all the code except dhtmlxTree is needed in - and now your tree works. Please, see attached sample
tree.zip (401 KB)