Loading and Saving data outside connector.js

I would like to use dhtmlxForm to Load and save data outside a SQL Database (BBX).
Can you provide the XML Format that is used to send/load data using the load/save methods?

Similiar to the dataprocessor that supplies tid= sid= xnativeeditor_status= …


For data loading it will be

<data> <fieldname1>value</fieldname1> <fieldname2>value</fieldname2> <fieldname3>value</fieldname3> </data>

where fieldname1 - fieldname3 - actual names of field

If you are using form.send - form sends itself as normal form, but by ajax
If you are using form.save - dataprocessor way of encode data is used

Thanks for your quick response.

If using form.save()… is the dataprocessor method being , … etc ??

Dataprocessor sends all fields as in “send all at once” mode
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ding_modes

Instead of c0…cN as in above document, it uses actual names of fields.