Loading data Gantt on Laravel 5.4 2017

Good morning everyone!

I am a newbie in dhtmlx libraries, I started with this tutorial for Laravel Framework => dhtmlx.com/blog/using-dhtmlxgantt-with-laravel/,
I followed all the steps but it doesn’t work for me. I ran the example file and It works fine.

When I try to load the data with the gantt.php view, I get this error. “Invalid argument, and Invalid argument for gantt:get task”.
I typed URL: localhost:…/gantt_data and it loads the data in XML correctly. Maybe with JSON format, but I don’t have idea how to do that. {Newbie :laughing: :laughing: }

Here the screenshot.

If anybody is working with laravel ,could tell me what I’m doing wrong or if you have another way to load the data, I’ll be so happy if u guide me.

Thanks for your time.

personal email:yecaicedo@unicauca.edu.co


Could you please show data you parsed on the page? (which you can see on link localhost:…/gantt_data )


Here it is. It seems normal XML GanttData.


gannt_data.xml adjunted here.

“Change the extension from .rar to .xml , xml seems not suported by dhtmlx forum.”
gantt_data.rar (2.55 KB)


All your tasks and links haven’t id. This value should be unique for all of them.

I resolved the issue, I just copy php-connector from the project here dhtmlx.com/blog/using-dhtmlxgantt-with-laravel/ and delete the created file in vendor by the composer require dhtmlx/php-connector, It seems new php-connector have some troubles with id.

Maybe another persons have this problems in future. So, it´s a good idea to check the id = “emtpy” bug.

Thanks a lot for your time.