Loading Data Into Tree Timeline

I have a tree timeline scheduler control and I can load data via the ASP.NET connector using two tables. One table contains a list of driver and the other a list of events (or routes) the drivers have to run. In the basic loading it puts all the routes in the same driver row of the timeline view. I need to have each route in its own scheduler row with the driver being the folder level. Any ideas on how to load this data? Here is the code I have now.

Imports System.Web
Imports System.Web.Services
Imports dhtmlxConnectors

Public Class DatabaseConnector
    Inherits dhtmlxRequestHandler

    Public Overrides Function CreateConnector(ByVal context As HttpContext) As dhtmlxConnectors.IdhtmlxConnector
        Dim MyConnector As New dhtmlxSchedulerConnector(
            "EVENTS", _
            "EVENT_ID", _
            dhtmlxDatabaseAdapterType.SqlServer2005, _
            ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("ResourceManagement").ConnectionString, _
            "[START]", _
            "[END]", _
            "DRIVER_ID, [ROUTE] as text" _
        Dim MyOptions As New dhtmlxOptionsConnector(
            ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("ResourceManagement").ConnectionString, _
        MyConnector.AddOptionsConnector("sections", MyOptions)
        Return MyConnector
    End Function
End Class

optionsConnector can’t load hierarchical data, so the only way to do it is to manually retrieve routes and drivers and to render them on the page as JSON object.
JSON structure is the following:var sections = [ {key:"driver_1", label:"Driver 1", children:[ {key:"route_1", label:"Route 1"}, {key:"route_2", label:"Route 2"}, ... ]}, ... ];Then you could initialize timeline with the sectionsscheduler.createTimelineView({ y_unit:sections, ... });

The code provided shows how I am loading them now using a single row per driver. So your saying that the TreeConnector which allows for a parent ID to be specified and display data in a hierarchy does not work with the timeline view? Is there a plan to add a connector for this type of data feed in the future?

TreeConnector was designed for dhtmlxTree and uses different format than timeline, so it won’t work.
Connector for tree timeline options will be added in future, but I can’t give even approximate date when it could happen