loading extra data in mobile scheduler

I’m trying to load some extra data in the details form of the mobile scheduler.
I have added an extra combo, with the following code:

{ view: "combo", id: "comboPatients", label: "Patient", yCount: "3", datatype: "json", data: patients, name:"patient", select: 1, scroll: 1 }

The combo is filled with patient data (text=name, value=id) from a json source.
When a user edits an appointment, the correct patient should be shown in the combo.
To do this i added a name to the combo (patient) and i added an extra field (patient) to the json that contains the events.

Everything is loaded correctly except the combo.

What am i doing wrong?


The scheduler items should contain “patient” (value that is defined in name) elements in this case:

{id:1, start_date:“2011-06-27 10:00:00”, end_date:“2011-06-27 10:30:00”, patient: 2, …},


Thank you, but i already did it this way.

The reason it didn’t work for me was because the id of the patient i passed to the scheduler didn’t exist in the data i loaded into the combo.