Loading from inline JSON, the selected attribute is ignored

I’m trying to load the grid with very simple json data and I’m trying to mark the first row as selected initially as described here: http://docs.dhtmlx.com/grid__data_formats.html#jsonformat.

However the first row isn’t selected as expected - any idea as to why this is anyone?

JSON data

var data = {"total_count":2,"pos":0,"rows":[ {"id":1,"selected":true,"call":true,"data":["2016-06-21 00:00:00","1","Account Type 1","123456","text here...","500","0","SEK","SEVAT"]},{"id":2,"selected":false,"data":["2016-06-23 00:00:00","2","Account Type 2","7891011","some message stuff here...","0","200","SEK","SEVAT" ]} ]};


.... mygrid.parse(data, "json");

Unfortunately the problem cannot be reproduced locally.
Your json parses well and the first row is selected in the grid.

Please, note, that the attributes for the json is available in PRO version of the dhtmlxGrid only.

Aha! so that is the problem. I’m using just the standard version of the grid, so that explains it.

I couldn’t find anywhere that says that this feature only works in PRO version though - adding this to the documentation I think would be a great idea.

Thank you for your note.
In the future release this problem will be solved.