Loading indicator doesn't go away in IE

When testing the custom scheduler application in IE, the loading indicator that comes up when loading data doesn’t go away at end of the loading.

I stepped through the scheduler’s debug file and it seems that the function that is attached to the onXLE event never gets executed. Note, this is the standard function set up by the scheduler developers, I have not attached any custom code to the onXLS or onXLE events.

Any tips on what’s happening? It works correctly in Firefox.



Please paste you scheduler.load function.
If it is


then IE will cache XML and won’t event make that request. Change your code following way:


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The code is

scheduler.load('Departments/Resources/' + resid + '/Calendar', "json");

Where resid is a supplied parameter.

I will try adding “?uid=’+scheduler.uid()” and see if that resolves the issue.

I can confirm that the issue appears to have been fixed.

Quite interesting how IE regularly goes against the grain of norms in web development. From researching, I see now that IE aggressively caches ajax requests even when it’s not called for.

Thank you for your help and expertise.