Loading Into One View


Hello everyone,

I’m trying to load data from a MySQL database into one view only(specifically a grid view I made). The goal is to have the events displayed in the Grid view and then be able to click on them and add them to the week, month, and year view.


Hello @zrfelts,

If I understand correctly, you want to download only the part of your dataset at once?
If it is so, the scheduler provides the “dynamic loading” functionality, which lets you download data for: “day, week, month, year”. It doesn’t support loading data for the “grid view” data range, so you should choose the most “appropriate” loading mode for your grid’s range.

Or if you meant loading all events to the “Grid” while “week/month/year” views stays empty, and adding events to these views by clicking on them in the grid(and adding some properties for them, like the owner, project, etc.).
In this case, you may use the “filter” functionality, which lets you “display/not display” events for certain views, based on some parameters, here is a guide:

API Dynamic loading: