Loading large dataset / Enable filtering / Checkbox Status


We are currently using the DHTMLXTreeGrid to display our data.
We have approx 5000 row entries all with a similar structure to below.

The problem we are having is that when we try to load the full 5000 rows, the grid is grinding to a halt.

All Data is loading from 1 dynamic XML feed via a php script.

What we would like to do is:
Speed up the grid.
Retain the ability to search through all the results while keeping the status of all checkboxes (checkboxes are used in column 0 on all rows).
Possibly continue to use the mygrid.filterBy() function to filter our grid.

I have also appended the script we are using to display the grid.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

XML STRUCTURE of single row

All Interactive



<cell><![CDATA[images/actionbuttons/edit.gif?^Edit Product^javascript:edit_product("34617");^_self]]></cell>
<cell ><![CDATA[007 James Bond Quantum Of Solace - NEW XBox 360 Game]]></cell>
<cell style="color:green;">$20.95</cell> 
<cell ><![CDATA[<a onclick="javascript:(view_competitors_on_PID('34617'))">$24.90</a>]]></cell>
<cell><![CDATA[<a onclick="javascript:show_product_note('34617');">
		<img border=0 width=16 height=16 src='/catalog/images/actionbuttons/edit.gif'></a>]]></cell> 



Speed up the grid.
To speed up the grid you can try to use Dynamic SmartRendering mode. In such case only those rows are loaded which should be displayed to the user.
But it impossible to use clients side soring and filtering in case of Dynamic SmartRendiering.

Please find tutorial here docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ep_by_step


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