Loading of dataview and grid data

I am clearing and loading a grid and in another place a datview and on some devices, namely the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the loading screen will show from the dhx.OverlayBox but the data will not show until the screen is touched. I have not gotten a sample together but I wanted to post if the problem is known. He is the general code which is launched from imagebutton click

$$(“grid_multiview”).show();// multiview holding layout that holds the grid
$$(“grid”).load(“url”, {
error: function(text, xml, XmlHttpRequest) {
success: function(text, xml, XmlHttpRequest) {
// i added this adjust which made it work about 1/2 the time


No one ever see this issue?

I have still not been able to get a sample together to reproduce. The grid is within many layouts and multiviews…

BTW this is in a Phonegap wrapper