Loading the combo is very slow

I am using the following code to generate the rows of a table.

function addRowToTable()


        var tbl = document.getElementById(‘entrydetails’);

        var lastRow = tbl.rows.length;

        var iteration = lastRow;

        var row = tbl.insertRow(lastRow-1);

        var row1 = tbl.insertRow(lastRow-1);

        var cellLeft = row.insertCell(0);

        var cellRight = row.insertCell(0);

        var text71 = document.createElement(‘image’);

        text71.setAttribute(‘src’, ‘/images/view.gif’);

        text71.onclick =Function(“showItem(” + count + “,”+ lineNo + “);”);// new Function(“showItem();”);


        text71.alt=‘Show Details’;







         var cellRight = row.insertCell(1);

        var e1 = document.createElement(‘select’);

         var string = new Array();



        string.push("<option value="+" “+”>"+"");

         for(var i=0; i<itemNoList.length;i++){

            //var ls_idName = getName(itemCodes[i]);





        var writestring = string.join(’’);

        e1.style.width = “260px”;


        cellRight.innerHTML = writestring;







        count = parseInt(count) + 1;


Here “itemNoList” contains 20000 elements.So its taking more time to generate each row.Here I have to crate n number of rows.Please Assist .



you can use dynamic loading in this case: combo.enableFilteringMode(true,path_to_script,true). The sample is


dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxC … index.html