Loading tree from JSONObject and enableSmartXMLParsing()


I’ve tried some of your examples, using a JSONArray and the enableSmartXMLParsing() function. They all seem to work, but when I try to use a JSONObject instead, I got the following error whenever I try to open a node in my tree :
“Too much recursion error in dhtmlx_tree/dhtmlxcommon.js at line 886”

Is it possible to use JSONObject and optimize the loading for many nodes?

Thank you,

Aurélien Lansmanne.

Yes, it is possible to use JSONObject ib dhtmlXTree.
Please, look at this sample http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxTree/samples/11_json_support/04_pro_load_json.html
If the problem still occurs please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.