loading XML with namespace to dhtmlxGrid fails on Chrome


I have a simple grid which is loaded from a XML file.

My XML has a namespace in it:

xxx yyy ...

I load it with mygrid.loadXML("/resources/x.xml");
This works just fine in IE9, but in Chrome (the latest) it doesn’t load anything!

I also experimented a bit with loading data with the dhtmlxAjax component and processing it with XPath. Both loader.doXPath("/rows/row") and loader.doXPath("/rows/row", null, “http://aaa/bbb”) work fine in IE9 but return nothing in Chrome.

Any ideas what could be the problem?


Please, try to use:

<rows xmlns:rows="http://aaa/bbb"> <row id="1"> <cell>xxx</cell> <cell>yyy</cell> </row> ... </rows>

Yes! That works!