loadSortingFromCookie, produces error with advanced grid


It seems that loadSortingFromCookie not intended to work this way, but I think it should, anyway.


- build a grid with soringsaving

- enable sorting saving to cookie

- insert column in grid with grid.insertColumn

- sort grid by the last column (point is to sort grid by column index, that not exists in original column)

- remove inserted column in any way u like (deleteColumn or either reloading page to reset it state)

- restore sorting by loadSortingFromCookie

You should receive error: cellType is null or not object at this function:

this.cells4 = function(cell){

     var type=window["eXcell

     if (type) return new type(cell);

     dhtmlxError.throwError("Incorrect cell type : "+type);


What actual problem is: loadSortingFromCookie gets data and trys to sort grid, without data integrity check, so when it gets wrong column, other functions fails, since column ain’t defined at all. Unfortunately u can’t check result before using this function.

Is there a right way to avoid this issue in described situation or this function ain’t intended to work with it?

Thank you.

Problem confirmed and mostly fixed ( now grid will not restore sorting | columns order  when it may cause js error )
Fix will be available as part of next build , if you need it ASAP - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com