loadXML and splitAt(x)

I have the problem that when i have a complex grid with fixed columns and i would reload the data the Grid will be crashed.

TypeError: this._fake.hdr.rows[a] is undefined
[Bei diesem Fehler anhalten]


the grid was init with loadXML() and some JS.

I aktivate fixed columns with mygrid.splitAt(1)

the user can know change some parameters, this will call:

The header is broken and no data is shown.
The reload will work fine without splitAt(1).

The grid have multiple headerlines, with #rowspan and #colspan.

I hope you can help to fix this.

PS: is it possible to deaktivate splitAt and reaktivate after loading?

Unfortunately it’s not available to change the structure of the splitted grid.
You will have to reinit your grid.

OK, does it work when i only load the data and no header definitions ?
Because the structure will be the same only the shown data will be more, less or an other poeriod.

Thanks & Greetings


Here you can find a working example of the splitted grid which data can be cleared and loaded again.
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … split.html

If you have any issue with reloading your data - please, provide us with any kind of sample of your code to reconstruct the issue.