LoadXML error 'XML reffers to not existing parent' - only in

I am using the dynamic loading feature to build dhtmlxtree on demand. This is achieved by using the documented method of calling a server-side script (in this case, ASP) which returns the new nodes to the browser in XML.

This all works perfectly in IE (on PC) but not in Safari(Mac) or Firefox (Mac or PC). I have read another post that suggests all white spaces be removed from the XML but doing this hasn’t resolved the problem for me. The XML is now all on one line with no spaces other than within the id attribute of the items (eg - id=“some text with spaces in between”).

Please help!

You can check correctness of XML by navigation browser to url used for XML loading ( ASP script in your case)
    if there some structure problem - FF will show error description
    if text shown correctly but not colored as XML - code sent from server with incorrect doctype ( text/xml  required )

If problem still occurs for you - please provide sample of such problematic XML, there must not
be any problem if XML works for IE it must work for FF as well ( except
issue with starting whitespaces ), you can send it directly to support@dhtmlx.com