loadxml error

I am using mygrid.serialize() to get the data as xml from the grid.

My grid cell value has a data with “&”. for which am getting LoadXML problem.

I cant remove the “&” from the data please let me know an alternative way to avoid this error as well keep the “&” in the data.


To avoid this problem you can contain special symbols into CDATA. You can do it with help of setSerializationLevel method: This method has parameters:

setSerializationLevel(userData, fullXML, config, changedAttr, onlyChanged, asCDATA):

userData - enable/disable user data serialization

fullXML - enable/disable full XML serialization (selection state)

config - serialize grid configuration

changedAttr - include changed attribute

onlyChanged - include only Changed rows in result XML

asCDATA - output cell values as CDATA sections (prevent invalid XML)

So 6th paramether of this method should be “true”.

What are the default values for the parameters of setSerialization() method

Could you explain what the following parameters signify “config”, “changedAttr” and “onlyChanged”?


Defauld values of setSerializationLevel method if setSerializationLevel(false,false,false,false,false,false);

config parameter wil allow you to serialize grid configuration (information which stored inside xml tag)

changedAttr - this parameter will allow you to serialize grid including attributes which can be stored inside or tags

onlyChanged - this parameter will allow you serialize only rows which was changed. Grid marks rows as changed if its values differ from the values from the original xml.