loadXML errorHandler


i used

function myErrorHandler(type, desc, erData){

//custom code can be placed here

return false;


dhtmlxError.catchError(“LoadXML”, myErrorHandler);

to handle error during loadxml, i just cant seem to return the grid object…

i have 2 grids on my page grid1 and grid 2…what im trying to do is when the error occurs i try to reload the grid which caused the error…

i do this by using erData, as youve said the second element is the object… so inside myErrorHandler i have a statement like erData[1].loadXML(“xml.xml”) (2nd element), something like that but the loadXML does not reload again…when i try to alert(erData[1]) it returns [object]…

hope you can shed light on this…


i just cant seem to return the grid object…
There was an issue in older version of dhtmlxgrid - the second param of error handler returned incorrect object, this is fixed in latest code

If you have not latest build, just locate next string
    this.xmlLoader = new dtmlXMLLoaderObject(this.doLoadDetails,window,true,this.no_cashe);
And replace it with
    this.xmlLoader = new dtmlXMLLoaderObject(this.doLoadDetails,this,true,this.no_cashe);

Sample of usage attached

1207299459.zip (89.6 KB)