loadXML function problem


To charge parent nodes i�m using method loadXML(“myXml.xml”); where “myxml.xml” is a fich that

is saved in the same directory than is the “tree.jsp”

My problem is that the XML fich no changes his values when I create a new Parent Node(the parent nodewas created in Java code–> i don�t want to create with method “insertNewItem()”)

Thank you!!!


You can try to use smartRefershItem(itemId,path_to_script) method to refresh a level.

In case of root level, tree.smartRefershItem(0,path_to_script);

Script should return the xml for the level.

In case of smartRefreshItem the component uses the following logic:
- for each item record in XLM
- if item with same id exists - its properties updated
- if item with same id not exists - new item created
- all items not updated|created during XML processing will be erased