loadXMLString in JSP giving error for dxhtmltree

Hi I have the following XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>XXCSS_SCDC_OVERRIDE_APPROVER null TABLE null null null null

When i put this in a xml file and open the tree_design.html (in samples directory) it opens the page properly

But when i put the same html as a jsp page and try to use loadXMLString()

it is igiving Data Structure error, invalid parent

Here is the javascript code i am using

            tree=new dhtmlXTreeObject(“treeboxbox_tree”,“100%”,“100%”,0);








            tree.loadXMLString(‘<c:out value=“${tree.xmlContent}”/>’);

I put an alert for the tree.xmlContent and it is rendering te proper xml content

loadXMLString in IE has limitation - it accepts XML only in UTF encoding, data in non-UTF encoding can be loaded only from remote URL ( this is limitation of browser )

Also, in above code snippet you have single quotes in loadXMLString command and the same quotes in xml , it may cause problems if quotes not escaped during output.