loadXMLString() <xmp> tag and Safari

I am trying to build a tree and I am having problems implementing two of your solutions for creating a tree. When using either the tag method with “well formed” XML inside of it or loading it as a string using loadXMLString() neither work in Safari 3.0.4. Your samples on your pages o not work either. My attempts have worked in Firefox and IE however. I do not have open the possibility to load this information from an XML file so if these two methods do not work for me I really am stuck. Help unstick me!


Please try to use attached dhtmlxcommon.js file instead of original one - it must provide support for loadXMLString for Safari browser
( because Safari has not native functionality for parsing XML string, solution use pretty weird workaround, so while it must correctly parse main structure , some secondary attributes can be still unrecognized )

If you are using latest version of dhtmlxtree - you can try loading from JSON object - which works for any browser.

dhtmlxcommon.zip (4.97 KB)


I tried the attached file but to no avail.  It did not have any effect in Safari for me.  I forgot to mention in my initial message that this is a checkbox tree if that makes a difference.  If i were to us JSON does that allow of passing checkbox attributes to it?  I have not had any success thus far.


Please check attached samples - it shows usage of json configuration with checkboxes

1200046127.zip (48.1 KB)


I have been working with JSON and I wam able to create a “good” JSON representation of the XML string that was not working in Safari.  JSON works for me now in Safari and Firefox, but it is not working for me in IE 6 & 7 now.  Even the sample you sent me is not working in IE.  Am I missing something?


I figured out what the problem was, it was in the JSON and formatting the closing of elements.  Thanks for all the help!