Local html template doesn't load on Android 4.0.3

In short terms: in my Android app, I have a section that loads a local html page. Code is like this:
var despreView = {
The content is shown without error on Android 1.5 and 4.2 but not in 4.0.3. Can you advice how to fix this issue on 4.0.3 becouse only a white page (no content at all) is shown.

You did not wrote whether content is not loaded or it is loaded, but is not displayed.

We need the demo that reproduces the problem.

also i have the same problem and couldn’t solve it till now. the content loaded but it isn’t appear at the page only white page is displayed. if you solve it please provide me with the solution

Try to use js template or include html template on a page as in the following sample: