Localization doesn't work on Sub-nodes?


I read through the 14 pages of these forum and did not find anyone discussing use of localization in DHTMLXTREE

I am wonder if anyone has incorporated localization with the dhtmxtree.

I have the parent node of the tree in japanese characters but the sub-nodes within the parent are in english. i am using Spring/SWF/JSP and the dhtmlxtree reads from a message file that has japanese and english translations.

I am wondering if this is something with dhtmlxtree that cannot convert subnodes to the same language as the parent node?

Thank you in advance


tree loads data as is. Check that the server-side script returns correct data with the correct encoding.

Thank you for that verification. I was able to resolve the issue by making modifications to the jsp side of the code and the dhtmlxtree is working as you had stated!