Localization problems with Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance()


I’m using the italian localization of the project, by loading the “codebase/locale/locale_it.js” file.
Everything is ok in a simple scenario.

Now following the provided example, I’m loading two scheduler in the same page, so I’m using the Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance() method to instantiate the second element.

The problem is that this second element is not òlocalized in Italian but it’s using the default language (english).

Am I missing anything?


we’ve confirmed the issue. Seems like the locale files are applied only to the default scheduler instance. Please try adding locale in following way (note the code block right after locale.js)




so this works for the first of the two schedulers, named ‘scheduler’.

I’ve problems with the second scheduler, named ‘scheduler2’.
I cannot configure the second scheduler to display in Italian.

It may be trivial but I cannot figure how to solve the problem.

var locale_it = scheduler.locale;
scheduler2 = Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance();

    ???? code here ????

Thank you,

it is a working code, no modifications needed. Add it on the page like this, it will affect all instances of the scheduler



Ops, it works perfectly.

Thank you.