location.reload - return to the correct week

When a new event is submitted I use location.reload(); to refresh the page - as when an event is submitted as I need to retrieve more data back to the view…

Is it possible to load back to the week the user was on say for example they were adding events for a month in advance… rather than reload to the current week?


try enabling Url or Cookie extensions. They’ll will preserve selected view and date (either in url query or in cookies) and will restore them on page reload Scheduler.Extensions.Add(SchedulerExtensions.Extension.Cookie);

Thanks that worked a treat :slight_smile:

Hi There,

I’m trying to do same but it doesn’t work for me…
if I’m on unit view and page reloads it automatically goes to week view… it doesn’t reload unit view section.

Please Help


url extension adds current view and date to url hash. When the page is loaded - scheduler applies values from hash, it works with location.reload() with our samples - docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … ,mode=week
Please provide some kind of demo so we could reproduce the issue