Lock column without showing the "lock key icon"


Hello, I have a use case where I want to lock the first column and in v3 I could just use CSS and add pointer-events to none but, after upgrading to v4 that doesn’t seem to work.

I managed to use this CSS to stop the users from clicking on the first row:
.dhx_grid_data > div[dhx_id=‘1’] {
pointer-events: none;

Now I just need the first column to be locked without showing the lock key or have a way to insert pointer-events none to it.

I use VueJs 2 and the latest spreadsheet version.


You may try to use:

    .dhx-spreadsheet-grid .dhx_grid-cell[dhx_col_id="1"] .dxi-key::before{


    .dhx-spreadsheet-grid .dhx_grid-cell[dhx_col_id="1"] {
        pointer-events: none;

Like here: