locked row


I have the following problem:

1) load a grid with all the row locked …

=> the grid load and the rows are locked

2) click a button and run an update function call: mygrid.updateFromXMl(…) that load another XML grid with locked row again.

=> the new updated grid isn’t locked.

why this?

could you help me? I’m using dhtmlxTreeGrid_v14_Pro_70813

thank you


In dhtmlxgrid 1.4 updateFromXML functionality can update only cell values , it not suited for adding new data with full attributes.
( If you need just add new rows you can use grid.loadXML functionality )

In latest build dhtmlxgrid 1.5, functionality extended so it can process additional attributes while updateFromXML

Basically the changes is not complex, so if you need such functionality in your version of Grid - just include attached patch after default grid’s files.

dhtmlxgrid_patch.zip (841 Bytes)