Locking Tasks and setting task constraints

I’m just investigating the use of this control for a project, and I was wondering how to:

  1. Lock a task so it is not movable. I may have many tasks on the Gantt that are part of the group that can be moved, but one of them needs to be locked so it cannot be moved.
    For example, everyone of the tasks below could be moved except for child A2:

  2. Can the task be moved, but changes to the duration be disabled? The task duration is calculated and cannot be edited by the user. So they can move it to new time slot, but not change the start time or end time.

  3. I need task constraints, for example a child task needs to start immediately after the parent task. So, if the parent is moved, the child also needs to move, but no change to duration.

I’m wondering if these things can be done simply by setting task properties, or if I have to write custom javascript to handle these on events.

bumping…I really need an answer on this one.

Okay, I guess this product is no longer actively developed or supported. I will look around for other options.