Logged-in user (Admin) cannot see Description box popup

As the admin for a Wordpress site, I can use the scheduler and edit events, as you might expect.

If I add an event, it is properly displayed and when I hover over the date, the link is displayed and clicking on the link takes me to the popup description box showing the details. Good so far.

I cannot, however, see the popup if somone else has added the event, while I am logged in.

If I now log OUT and then try to see someone else’s events, the popup DOES appear :confused:

Permissions are set to edit posts for Admin, Editor and Author.

Suggestions, please.


if somone else has added the event, while I am logged in.
Do you mean that after refreshing page, such events still not appear in scheduler, but after logout-login they appears?

Hi, Stanislav.

The events are always there on the calendar, and the single-line “hint” appears if you hover over the event item.

However, if you then click on the icon after the time in this ‘hint’ line, the main description box (is that called the ‘lightbox’?) does NOT appear if I am logged in but DOES appear if I am not.

It’s the same whether I log in as admin or as a ‘normal’ user. Login = no show. Logout = see the full description box.

Hi, Stanislav

I updated with the file made available to me (thanks for that).

The situation is:

NOT logged in - can see the full details in the popup box :smiley:
Logged in - cannot see the details of other people’s events - the box does NOT appear :frowning:
Logged in and select an event I am the owner of - the editing popup appears. :confused:



If the issue is still actual try using attached file (though backup your current version just in case).

Best regards,
dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.zip (10 KB)