logo size for scheduler2pdf´s footer.png

which is the best pixell size for scheduler2pdf´s footer.png?
i need to include 2 logos inside the same footer.png and keep the appropriate size.
i have configured the pdfGenerator to:
footer= true and $footerImgHeight = 40;
Thanks a lot!


Images inserted in the footer or header are resized automatically to fit the page size so you can use any.

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hi Ilya,

thanks, but, I don´t know why, when I change footer to true it show this error:

imagepng() [function.imagepng]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/var/tmp/mska_6WDYcH) is not within the allowed path(s): (/usr/home/fdmed.org/:/usr/home/phpMyAdmin-plan6/:/usr/home/webstats/)

and a error report is created… I link you to this:
fdmed.org/scheduler_test/error_r … _15_48.xml



Check if your php configuration correct:
It seems your php is configured to disable access to /var/tmp/ (which results in mska_6WDYcH not being accessible).
Also check access rights for this file.

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I checked on my server and all permissions are correct.
but it seems as if the path was not correct … and out of: /usr, I do not have permissions.
perhaps imagepng function is not in the right place, where it should stay?


thanks again!

and all permissions are correct

/var/tmp/ exists and php script has write access for that folder?

Hi Stanislav,
thanks for your quick response!

no, no I can not create it…
I should change this path to /usr/home/fdmed.org/tmp
can I make this change somewhere?


As far as I can see , there are two solution

a) add /var/tmp in open_basedir parameter in the php.ini
b) configure php to provide valid temp directory ( now it uses /var/tmp which can be changed to /usr/home/fdmed.org/tmp )

both of them require admin access to the server.

hi, thanks Stanislav,

is there any way to define the image.png size from pdfWrapper.php?
how can I writte some footenotes in the pdf?

really thanks!

You can’t fix image sizes.
And event if it will be fixed, some image conversion routines will be executed during printing, which involves usage of temp folder - so it need to be configured correctly in any case.

how can I writte some footenotes in the pdf?
There is only one solution - footer image.
Alternative will be in php code modification, which is quite complicated.