Looking for JSON syntax for Tree Grid

I found some samples on the site that give clues to how to form proper JSON to load the TreeGrid the way I want… and I have succeeded in getting information to load … but there is nothing documentation-wise to show me all the options I have in JSON for loading the tree grid.

I found a page for the DHTMLTree
docs.dhtmlx.com/tree__syntax_tem … attemplate

But not the TreeGrid. I tried to use an “open” property I saw documented for DHTMLXTree, but nothing happened.

Specifically right now I am looking for information that I can put in my JSON value to specify which tree nodes start out as expanded.

Let me know. Thanks!

The options for the JSON are similar for the options for the XML.
You can find the list of the available parameters here:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/docsExp … index.html


The page you provided did give me the answer I needed. It is a shame that there isn’t a page for each file format that can be loaded laying out explicitly what all the valid values are for each control.

It turns out that I was trying to set the open property on the wrong part object.
it should have been set on the row object.

Here is some JSON from the site with the open property added correctly:

data= { rows:[ { id:1001, open:"1", rows:[{ id:'s1002', data:["1000", "Blood and Smoke", "Stephen King", "0", "1", "01/01/2000"] }, { sid:'1002', data:["1000", "Blood and Smoke", "Stephen King", "0", "1", "01/01/2000"] }], data:["100","A Time to Kill","John Grisham","12.99", "1", "05/01/1998"] }, { id:1002, data:["1000", "Blood and Smoke", "Stephen King", "0", "1", "01/01/2000"] }, { id:1003, data:["-200", "The Rainmaker", "John Grisham", "7.99", "0", "12/01/2001"] }, { id:1004, data:["350", "The Green Mile", "Stephen King", "11.10", "1", "01/01/1992"] }]}; grid.parse(data,"json");

Thanks for your help! :smiley: