Looking to have some identifier for custom button...

So, when adding a calendar event, and clicking the “dhx_custom_button_recurring” button, we all know the content changes from “DISABLED” to “ENABLED” and we can enter in the information to show that an event recurs daily or weekly. This means that in a perfect world, we can say, “Have this event start on Monday the 19th at 2pm, and end on Tuesday the 20th at 4pm. Make the event repeat weekly until a date in the future.” That’s great, except we don’t live in a perfect world, and the back end to my system will not take three dates as part of the code that goes to the back end to set up dates. So our workaround is we are looking to hide the “end” date if an event is recurring. So, I ask you, is there a way to read a flag of some sort to indicate that this has been opened so that we could perhaps HIDE the “end” date. Meaning that we will, in the case of recurring events, only want a start date, and a “repeat until” date?

There is no any built-in solution to implement it, try to use onclick event.

There are auto-generated events, and we’re trying to disable them. Is there a way to do this?

Which events do you mean?

These are scheduled events generated by XML / JSON.