Loosing the map_to:"auto" when define time_format


I’m trying to hide the hour selector in the lightbox. I read about the ‘Changing the order of date-time controls and removing time selectors’.
It’s working fine but i’m loosing the map_to:“auto” behaviour.
The date initialisation is always on the 1 january 2009.

{name: "time", height: 72, type: "time", map_to: "auto", time_format:["%d", "%m", "%Y"]}

I’m also loosing the standard behavior on the Delete(the lightbox don’t close and nothing happend) and Cancel(the event is still created) button of the lightbox.
Is there an other way to format the date without loosing standard controls?

check this post viewtopic.php?f=6&t=35675&p=111081&hilit=lightbox+hide+time#p111081

I just put the process in the “onLightbox” event.
Because the style properties seems to be rewrited after the onBeforeLightbox

scheduler.attachEvent("onLightbox"", function(){
      var node = scheduler.formSection("time").node;
      var timeInputs = node.getElementsByTagName("select");
      timeInputs[0].style.display  = "none";
      timeInputs[4].style.display  = "none";
      return true;

Thanks for this quick answer!