losing data on multiselect

I have a calendar with multiselect option (multiple checkboxes for each event). When I check some of the boxes, save the event, refresh the page and then move the event around to different places, most of the times I lose the checked boxes (the data gets deleted from the corresponding “event_fruit” table also)

So I went into “crosslink_connector.php” and commented the line in the afterProcessing function:
case “updated”:
case “inserted”:

The problem seems to be fixed now, but I’m wondering, what does that line do, and what are the possible side effects to me commenting it?


Ok, I just realized what that line does…
So the problem is still there, and I see it in the example files also.

To reproduce the proble, you can open: 21_multiselect_options.html

  1. Refresh the file
  2. Move one of the events to another time
  3. Open event details

The checkboxes are all empty (they were not updated)

Any idea what’s going on?


It works fine locally without editing any files.
Are you saying it doesn’t work for you if you don’t edit that file?

Even in the basic sample?

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