losing formatting and XML attributes after drag&drop


I’m looking for a solution for the following problem:

In dhtmlxgrid I change the backgroundcolor of cells if the content (text or numbers) is changed.


Additionally to that I write a XML attribute which I can serialize, because I want to save those marked cells and their colors:

//Define XML attribute which needs to be serialized mygrid.xml.cell_attrs.push("style"); [...] mygrid.cells(x, y).setAttribute("style","background-color:#9FF;");

This works fine and I can serialize all data.

But when I now do a drag and drop action on an item with cell colors, the XML attribute and the color of the cell is lost after the drag and drop action.
How can I keep the color style and the XML style data?

Thanks for any suggestion.

Just for information, this is my drag&drop attached event, but it should not be the reason why I lose the XML data and the style. This event only marks a certain column yellow when drag&dropped.

//Event triggered when a item is dropped mygrid.attachEvent("onDrop", function doOnDrop (sid,tid,sgrid,tgrid){ // sid - id of dragged item , tid - id of landing item if (sid) { sid_ar = sid.split(","); for (var i = 0; i < sid_ar.length; i++){ mygrid.setCellTextStyle(sid_ar[i],1,"background-color:#FF6;"); mygrid.cells(sid_ar[i], 1).setAttribute("style","background-color:#FF6;"); } } return true; // mandatory! important! });

Unfortunately the cells attributes cannot be moved with the row.
You will have to set the style for a cell after it’s dropping manually using the getAttribute/setAttribute methods.