Lost background grid in timeline view


I setup a timeline view with events custom rendering. I wonder why on first line I lost “background grid”: vertical lines between each x unit. In fact, the “td” is empty in html code, it contains only code for marked areas, not any more the table with td.dhx_matrix_cell…

x_unit:“minute”,//measuring unit of the X-Axis.
x_date:“%H:%i”, //date format of the X-Axis
y_unit: //sections of the view (titles of Y-Axis)
y_property:“locationResourceId”, //mapped data property
render:“bar”, //view mode
x_unit: “day”, // the measuring unit of the axis (by default, ‘minute’)
x_date: “%D %j %M” //the date format of the axis
section_autoheight: false, // disable section auto height
dy: 100, // section height
event_min_dy: 70, // event minimum height
event_dy: 70 // (number/string)the height of events. Can have the ‘full’ value and occupy the entire cell. By default, equal to scheduler.xy.bar_height-5

// More initialization here after calculation of x_step, x_size, x_length… config options.

Thanks for any idea.

do you use ‘scheduler.ignore_timeline’ functions docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/custom_scales.html ?
I’ve managed to reproduce something similar by skipping all columns of timeline, although it is not exactly what shown on your screenshot - docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/272d3545
Probably the issue is related to this functionality

Hi Aliaksandr,

Yes I do use ignore_timeline function to skip some hours (0 to 6 and 22 to 24).

However the issue seems not to reproduce for now (test data changed but also some code).

Thanks for the input, I think it might indeed have been related to ignore_timeline feature but I worked on this code (ignoring is toggled on/off but better now I think).

Your snippet link is dead, sorry :slight_smile:

Well, snippet link works OK, bug is back or was never gone in fact…

I have on my page an option to toggle ignore_timeline function definition to return always false, thus not hiding any hour, but also in this case there is still a lack of background grid when I have two events one below another one (at identical times but with different html rendering).

Worse, with IE 11, only the second event (the below one, that is parsed after the above one when feeding scheduler with one set of json data) displays but a bit broken (text misplacement). Why did an event disappear?


I finally found out that there is something wrong with one event custom rendering (the one I show in previous comment screenshot), when present alone in timeline view it breaks grid rendering :slight_smile: Going to investigate.

The final word: the culprit was an unclosed div in event rendering custom html code. Funny :nerd: