Mac Right Click

Hi, im using the profesional dhtmlx version

i need to use the “right click” in a MAC (apple + click) but the function OnRightClick() doesnt work :frowning:

in my app, if u double click a cell, u can edit it.

but, i should, on a right click, set the cell background of a diferent color

i was trying to use OnRowSelectHandler() and it works,

but if i want to edit a cell, it is painted

any1 can help me with that?

i just need 1 solution

* right click in mac (apple + click) or

* not to call OnRowSelectHandler() with Double click

sorry for my english :S



  • not to call OnRowSelectHandler() with Double click

    When dobleclick occurs in browser - a lot of events generated, so it triggers the both onRowSelect and onRowDblClicked events

    You can

    a) use onRightClick - it will occurs for clicking by right mouse key ( or in case of MacOs, the same event will be generated for Ctrl+Click )


    b) you can try to use timeouts to separate single and double click events … setTimeout