Mac/Safari does not support dhtmlxcombo

DHTMLxCombo(filtering mode) is used on a combo box.


<SELECT NAME = “abc” ID = “abc_id”…>





I added a code to capture the onchnage event so that I can perform some desired task where combo value is changed.

Everything is perfectly fine on Windows/Safari But on Mac/Safari, javascript method could not find the element by name(abc) as well as by Id(abc_id).

I used the syntax:

names = document.getElementsByname(“abc”)


In alert I get 0 which is 1(desirable) in Windows/Mac.

How to fix this problem…???

Please help me asap.

Thanks in Advance

The more reliable way is to use element’s ID
<SELECT id=“abc” ID = “abc_id”…>

var select = document.getElementById(‘abs’);

I tried with Id also, it is also not taking it.

params[:] is working fine but document.getElementById() is not working. If  use simpe combo, everything is perfectly fine.

If you are converting grid to combo object, you can’t access it by getElementById

before converting
    var select = document.getElementById(‘abs’);
after converting
    var combo = abs;

The combo object is a JS component, so it can’t be accessed or updated in same way as default select element, it has special API to get|set values|states