Make a group of rows distinguishable in a grid component

Is there any way to customize a group (sub set) of rows in the grid component. ie. change the cell background color. by means of populating it from a .json file?




grid doesn’t provide “row css” functionality. We will add it in the next version.

Currently, you may redefine type.template_start of the grid as follows:

dhx.ui({ ... { view:"grid", .... type:{ template_start:function(obj,type){ return "<table dhx_f_id='""' class='"+type.template_css(obj,type)+" dhx_grid_row"+(obj.$selected?"_selected":"")+"' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' "+(type.total_width?"style='width:"+type.total_width+"px'":"")+"><tr>"; }, template_css:function(obj,type){ return (obj.rowcss?obj.rowcss:""); } }, datatype:"json", data:gridData } });

Where rowcss is the item property that contains css class name:
gridData = [