Make event height smaller in new version of DHTMLx (v.4.3.0)

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My website was developed with old version of DHTMLx library v.2.6
Now, I have upgraded it with new version of DHTMLx library v.4.3.0.

Now I am stuck on to resolve below issues:

In Weekly View, Booking time interval is set with 10 minutes. So when i am trying to select minimum booking time period slot (which is 5 minute slot) then,

As per the new library, Cell sizes is bit large as compare to old version of DHTMLx v2.6 (It ends at 10 minute slot and is actually booked for 5 minute) And as per the old library, Cell height is small which is perfect (It works perfect and also end at 5 minute slot correctly.)

I have also gone through with sample of new library, and I have noticed that it is also developed with large cell selection. (It also ends at 10 minute slot rather than 5 minute slot), But I need to make it same as old library.

Please find attached screen shots of issues (with new and old library).

I) New library screen shot is (new_dhtmx.png) - This is how it is working as of now as per new library.

II) Old library screen shot is (old_dhtmx.png) - I need to develop like this with using of new library.

In Attached Screen Shot, Please check booking slot of Thu, May 28, 6:00 am to 6:05 am.

→ Please let me know if it is possible with new library or not?
→ Please let me know if i need to write any custom code or not?
→ If i am missing anything in code to make slot smaller as old version of DHTMLx? If Yes, then please provide snippets for same.

Your response is eagerly awaited.

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Scheduler events has a minimal height which can’t be decreased and roughly matches 40 minutes on a time scale.

In order to bypass this limitation a display of event boxes can be redefined as described in this article … splay.html
a minimal height is also defined by this config … .html#week

Probably you had a similar code in your old version, or a had a modified source codes of a scheduler.