Making dhtmlXWindow style position = "fixed"


I’ve been experimenting with dhtmlXWindows and have been using them like one would use a menu … I slide the xwin down/up from outside the top of an iframe … I’ve been able to do this by including the suggested line - my_Wins._fixWindowPositionInViewport=function(){}; which has been working great !

I would now like to set the style position of the xwindow (once I slide it down) to “fixed” so that it stays in the same locked position if the page is scrolled when the user scrolls using the frame scrollbar.

Is it possible to make this happen just for selective xwindows that I create and slide down ?

All of the windows that I’m sliding down use the same skin css.

Any assistance is most appreciated.




Window can be frozen on its position using dhxWins.window(id).denyMove() method.
You can test this functionality in demo, just uncheck “Allow Moving”. … 5477420000

Thanks for your reply.

This doesn’t seem to do what I’m looking for though.
When I go to the suggested demo page and uncheck “Allow Moving”,  the dhtmlXwindow still scrolls with the page when I use the main browser window verticle scroll bar.
 I want the dhtmlXwindow to remain in view when I scroll the page using main browser scroll bar as if I had applied   - style “position:fixed” to the  object.
Is this in any way possible ?


Not all browser have full support of position:fixed; recommended way:
Trace browser position and use dhxWins.window(id).setPosition().